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Didn't Iowa use some type of app for part of their caucus process? I'm not sure how an app could be used in our voting system, but surely that's an opportunity for hackers.


Wow - what a wonderful story! It was a blessing that Ms Ramirez and Sgt Cook were on scene and saw what was happening. Congratulations to Mr Watson!

Laura, can you tell us what are the four neighborhoods in Galveston that have opted to not allow STRs? Thank you.

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Thank you for the reminder.

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Great story :-)

Hw can pansies, roses, geraniums, and gardenias all not be on an approved plant list? AND, an approved plant list?? Seriously?

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I love this story. Thank goodness that little boy is OK.

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Dawson Finklea is a creative, forward thinking young man. What an excellent idea!

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I love your perspective and agree with your conclusion that performing a task to the best of one's ability is a reward unto itself.