Karen Smith

Not a controlled burn. They're still investigating the cause.

oops sorry.... JBG it's Ms. kasmith and you're forgiven, thanx


I'm sorry, am I reading the story wrong? Where in the story does it mention LMISD or LMPD? [offtopic]

New Chinese restaurant Qing Qing's needs to take over Fortune's building. Their food is delicious and PLENTIFUL! They're stuck in such a tiny spot, 10 tables at most and they're hard to find (shopping ctr. behind Wendy's).

Why didn't they use the same kind of meters that are used downtown? Those are no-brainers..

Ouch, that hurt, Partner... Rudeness even.

I was BOI and raised on the Mainland. I don't consider myself low-class, I have credit cards used only for emergencies. I like to pay with cash for most if not all purchases, I feel like you're telling me I'm not welcome on an island I gre…

Had it been my son, I wouldn't have sued for a million and put the league out of business.... just sayin.. this is WAY outta control!

REALLY? c'mon!

So why sue the little league for so much??? If they have to pay this much it just might just put them out of business then NO ONE could play! Why sue for so much or sue at all? Sue the parents who owned the bat. File a complaint to the little league. The kids are learning nothing but...…