james kramer

Enjoy your First Admendment right Mark and We will enjoy our Second.

Lol. They hired Chris Tritico? Tim MCveigh's attorney. The same attorney that has been getting drug through the mud by Wayne Dolcifino over missing money at a Houston veterans charity. Chris Tritico has been trying to defend a houston Socialite who can't account for money that was suppose…

The whole force needs to be put under the microscope. When surrounding towns have to conduct a raid on your illegal game rooms and Hitchcock PD refuses to participate then that's a problem. The FBI was also involved. I wonder what they thought or still think about that situation.

Good job chief Randall on waiting this one out and letting it defuse without going in guns drawn. With all the people getting killed by seat teams now days I am impressed to see a police department take a tactical pause and avoid needless blood shed. Looking good la marque PD.