Jay Arnold

Medical laboratory researchers are the unsung heroes of our time. Job well done to this group.

What good is it to the reader if you fail to or refuse to name the charitable organizations you have accused?

Good column Mr. Smith. Thank You.

Thank you Jack for your insight on this subject. I do not recall seeing any such reporting by GDN on this in any depth.

I agree, we should thank Rep. Faircloth. However, why has the GDN waited until late in the legislative session to address this important issue and what are the viewpoints of the other elected representatives in the area. Please GDN, start asking the important questions of our elected represe…

I could be wrong but I believe it may be called concurrent jurisdiction.

Faircloth unavailable, will you follow up with him? What about Bonnen and Taylor? How about it GDN will you inform your readers of their intentions for this bill?

Again, as with most of the stories, not a mention of what our elected representatives have to say. It's as though they are non existent to this paper. What say you Mr. Ferguson.

I may be wrong but, I don't believe that Gov Abbott has expressed an opinion on the bathroom bill yet. Not sure about Mr. Taylor because the GDN hardly ever conducts interviews with local representatives to get their stances on any pending legislation.

My view also Gary. I have expressed this many times here with no apparent results. Maybe if enough of us keep voicing this they will get the message.