JD Arnold

Thank You Stan

Thanks Carlos, so called news reports can be misleading.

From an all republican State Supreme Court "When voters cite disability to request an absentee ballot, they're not required to say what the disability is. The voters simply check a box on the application form, and if their application is properly filled out, locals officials are supposed …

I thought I heard it reported somewhere that the Texas supreme court ruled that anyone wanting to claim the corona virus as a disability thereby electing to vote by mail may do so and it cannot be challenged. Am I wrong on this?

Thank you Mr. Boix. The same state government that wants to open the economy and get people back to work again also has a psa on tv with Mathew McConaghy urging people to stay home. Confusing isn't it.


It's true, I encounter residents at each of my visits to the clinic. I've always found them to be friendly and professional. Thanks for all you do.

"The contractor uses a mechanical dredge ". Typically, a mechanical dredge consists of a barge mounted crane utilizing a drag bucket or a clam bucket which removes material one bucket at a time. The material is placed in an alongside barge scow which when full is towed to an approved area…

From the official UMC.org site: "Organizations like the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) receive no denominational funding. It’s important to note that the Church's statements on social issues, such as abortion, represent the effort of the General Conference to speak to …

Mr. Hart, I believe your argument is with congress. The DEA is merely enforcing the law as mandated by the congress and then upheld by the supreme court. It's possible that I am wrong, but that's how I see it.