Robert Young


The law needs to be changed to allow a county notice website .The county IT dept can run it and all county entities can post on it..The citizens can print what they want off it. Now thats practical and will cost almost no additional tax dollars...I know some will comment.."Not everyone…

Clark failed to mention that the GDN endorsed his oponent in the last election..Thus the real reason he pulled the ads..

This story did not include the cost of the justice administration "STUDY" Judge Patricia Grady did..Where is that report? How hard did she look at her husbands court?

Mick..Just how were those democrats acting when they died for their country on the battlefield?..

The Galveston County Commissioners court..Never ever give your checkbook to spoiled children..let this be a lesson to you

It took them almost 5 years since Denard and Henry were first elected to find this?. duh

Doop Doop and Judge Mark Ornery will make great cell mates..

we can't get rid of the guy and they set a 600k bond. lol

For those that are interested just check smurfees next campaign finance report.. You'll probably find a little money from Ken Clark and Mark Henry. All legal. Check Taylor's too..