Judy Foster

So CC wants to spend more of taxpayers money on an appeal because their feelings are hurt.... wow..I guess when it's not your money it's easy. I bet Dennard wished he hadn't written his guest column telling everyone how smart he is and how CC had power to do what they did...stupid move...kud…

It's just another act to ensure they gave complete control. It's been happening since Dennard took office. Henry, Dennard and Clark want complete power. The jury is still out on Guisti.

And only 2,000 voters in the last election.

My guess is, it's all about Henry, Dennard and Clark's dislike for Yarbrough.

Landry's is always lurking in the background flexing their muscle.

Sounds like we paid the law firm $70K to write Grady's opinion and we paid Grady $16K to retire some campaign debt..That's news npappous.

Judy0313 commented on All county football teams

The Chronicle list 3 players from Clear Falls, as top 100 in Houston area but GDN doesn't mention any of them until 2nd team and honorable mention. All three will sign Div 1 scholarships. What's up with that?

gecroix...that would entail some actual reporting by the GDN.

If you believe what you read in the GDN, then Elaine Kosty whipped Ken Clark and Barbara Meeks. I guess Clark's comment on Kosty, saying no one liked or respected her is untrue. It looks like Clark is no longer the "King" and "Meeks" is no longer his "Queen."

So if you believe what you read in the GDN, then Kosty whipped Ken Clark and Barbara Meeks. Not bad for someone who according to Clark, isn't very well respected. It looks like Clark isn't the king and Meeks isn't his queen anymore.