John T Pilkington Jr

I guess not since you were on the fat cat end of the equation. Look at the real world and all the people struggling to stay alive. Hope you are proud of yourself Jim....

Bull corn Santa Fe. You are not offering city water sewer or any other amenities. You can take your increased protection because we protect our own. Armed citizens here. Go back into city limit where you can get away from with any charge. Dope capital of Texas. We would be stupid to be…

How many people and companies did you put out of work delaying payments. Shameful what y'all did.

A rubber tired version of the trolley losses all nostalgia. Just forget the whole idea if you can't see the history of this trolley. Way to go Galveston. Blew it again...

This is totally breaking the laws of Texas. Come on people start complaining. You are letting all your rights go to H___. Galveston get off your high horse. You are not that great a town.

Way to much money when you have to buy beer and Bar-B-Que. Who came up with this crazy idea.

I can't believe what the public falls for now. If it was your wife, girlfriend, daughter or Grandaughter or just a friend. You are no kind of man for allowing this to happen. Where did they release him to should be everyones question?

This is crazy. Lock him up before he trully hurts someone. Are you people nuts.