Terri Neely

I am glad that the Health District finally did SOMETHING for the helpless dogs and cats at the very high-kill shelter -GCARC. It is way too little and way too late, but at least they have taken a stand for once. It is about time.
If Julie Robinson, the Dickinson city administrator doesn…

Well,well,well. Here we have island runner with his foot in his mouth ,once again.........open your eyes

joy2thefishes commented on Why nothing ever gets done

Poor island runner.......your such an idiot. Perfect example of the mind set that obummer thrives on.

Wanda Butter, you are a crumb snatching,trouble making town crier, who I suspect must in some way be affiliated with motel/hotel riffraff.if youare blessed enough to own a motor home,which by the way is in no wise cheap accompanied with non-stop costs and use taxes,then according to you, you…

The fact that he was ever let out of jail after his last conviction makes one wonder why waste money on trials of bitches like him.

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How can you dare try to convince potintial bait shop patrons that surf fishing looks good for Thursday or any day in the near future,when the nearest clear seaweedles fishable surf water is a quarter mile ! Easy to see who sponsers your article !!!!! FOLKS !!!! SURF FISHING THURSDAY WOULD B…

joy2thefishes commented on Trube censured; Colombo removed

If Tribe "did"say those things, what the h... its only the truth.


I recognize him now. IT AINT GOOD . An abomination ! Its been written.

No surprise ! Look at the students, their parents, and more importantly the school district ! The only sure solution lies in the home, and with the public ! Keep voting the way you do and keep your heads turned ! That's all it takes to keep what you have !!!!!