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While working in the UK during the mid-late 1970s, if you could not drive a "manual" to pass the driving test your British driver's license was "restricted."

Continue to be very disappointed that nothing really substantial will be achieved. The goal of comprehensive education reform was just what it was - words; lotsof talk no real action. And the years move on, our students continue to be the losers; the real shame of it all.

Brought back memories of learning to drive a late 1940 early 1950 Ford pick-up with I believe 4-speed transmission and having to double clutch to change gears! Then there was the 1965 VW Bug! We have it too easy now and even more with the upcoming autonomous cars...!

Angela, what a great story of perseverance, hard work and staying focused to the goal. And, to have sights ahead into the future! What a tremendous guide to many. Thank you, and thanks for all you do! Congratulations!

How is that this AP post is in Spanish while the actual printed edition post was in English? Is the GCDN going bilingual?

In addition enjoy the spread of yellow Coreopsis tickseed all over the Broadway Cemetery!

Jose' Boix commented on Election Day Polling Locations

Registered voters, please get out to vote. I ask your support for Mable Pratt, Texas City ISD Trustee, District 2 and Dawn King, College of the Mainland (COM) Trustee Position 4. We need to keep the forward progress made to date going. Thank you!

While I do not have a vote in this race, this column focused on the race funding needs rather than on the issues or defining the platform of the two candidates. It seems to me that the time is ripe for limiting the time candidates have to "politic." Somehow the wrong focus to sta…

Your Voter Registration Card (VRC) will show if you can vote for Mable Pratt or Dawn King. The VCR card will have one of these CODEs: For Mable; SCHOOL S182 (S18 = TCISD, 2 = District 2) and for Dawn, COLG J054 (J05 = COM and 4 = Position 4).

For additional information, sample ballots …

Then there are the commercials that leave me without really knowing what they were advertising...then the ones that seemingly are shown almost back-to-back...I guess there are all keen marketing strategies!