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Great story and amazing lessons to be learned by students and others alike! Principal Felica Garrett deserves kudos for creating such "teaching moment."

After some additional thoughts, the word "vendetta" seems to be an appropriate addition to this apparently political motivated conundrum!

What we seem to surmise from the article:

1. Waters sent the “text” using a racist slur to party secretary Alicia Youngblood in March.

2. The “text” has circulated among party members since at least early November, after Youngblood had an apparent falling out with Waters.


As I see it, we can't even enforce rules we have. So we keep developing different and more rules; none that we can enforce. The vicious cycle continues and rather than fixing the situation, it just gets worst. I was blessed and fortunate to have a straight forward process - one that had e…

Julius Caesar is noted to have said: “Divide and Conquer.”

In addition to Galveston, Texas City had his annual Community Thanksgiving Feast.

A great huge Thanksgiving Thank You must be share with Barbara White and the myriad of "helper/volunteers and donors" to this year's Community Thanksgiving Feast. As I understand somewhere around 900 f…

Jose' Boix commented on Thanksgiving holiday closings

According to a Facebook post by the City of Texas City there will be no Thursday trash pick-up.

Somehow missing in this discussion is the effect of "social media" and the continuous use of cell phones even when these students are in bed. Then add the effect of the Day Light Savings (DST) changes; such archaic change should be eliminated and that should help lessen the effects to the…

The complete list of funded grants for 2019:

The quote that either totally or partially has been attributed to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair sums it up well: “A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in and how many want out.”