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Access to the interior of the ships may be closed, but the grounds remain open. This outstanding memorial deserves better than petty politics.

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While using radar may be S.O.P. for larger vessels, it is impractical for smaller boats. A useful alternative however is the AIS app. available for your smart phone. It shows in real time every ship that is AIS equipped, its name, type of vessel, location, and speed, relative to your posi…

Thanks for keeping us informed Stan! Hopefully there will be enough upper level shear from the weak cold front to stop this thing. Not likely, but I’m an optimist.

should be a challenging few days for the Harvest Moon Regatta!! Thanks for including the charts!

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As we grow older, it is so important to be committed to keeping physically active. The alternative is “ death by Lazy Boy “ . We have so many wonderful opportunities and places to get out and move! See you for a morning stroll along the beach!

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Thanks Stan!!!

Always great to get your insight on the weather and the potential for impact on our beloved island. Thanks for keeping an eye out on the tropics for us. These past few storms have shown us that while the hurricane experts are getting more accurate in their predictio…

Our narcissistic society has blinded our eyes and hardened our hearts, until some injustice or horrific event happens. Then we all scream “Something must be done!”

We all have a responsibility to those around us.

I may not be be able to make a difference in the national le…

Making the Texas into a reef would be similar to bulldozing the Alamo. In terms of maritime history, she is the last link to the Dreadnought class of ships. Moreover, sinking her would be a slap in the face to all the men and women who served on her and the battles they fought. She needs …

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Hopefully, the High Pressure over the Gulf will maintain its strength. Thanks for the timely information, and please keep it coming!

“Thank you” to the US Coast Guard, Pilots, Tugboat Captains, and everyone else who helped to get the Golden Bear out to sea. It is fantastic to witness the support from our maritime professionals as well as our local community standing behind our cadets.