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Mr. Tillotson, Since you like to read so much you should write book reports for the

Galveston Daily. Best I ever saw locally was a UTMB doctor that had a weekly column on Sundays where he did just that and that was a great service. Reading your article on immigration reform made me …

I am happy to be Catholic.

Not knowing how to spell a word or making a typo does not make you ignorant.

I guess my thoughts are apropos to the discussion. I have recently begun using a treadmill. The workout is called 30-12-2. Thirty minutes a day, set the incline to 12 and walk at 3mph. Easier said then done but very doable. Anybody walks, anybody feels better.

Can you walk to Texas from Cuba?

Why could you not hit 9 out of 10 bulls eyes with an AR15? How about with an M16.

Jose Luis Ochoa commented on Centerpiece of history

Good article. I'll stick with BC and AD.

grammatical error mine

Just a thought but why didn't the CNN reporters seem Happy or glad that a young man with a permit to carry a concealed weapon engaged a shooter or while three people died in an Indianapolis mall, many lives were saved according to law enforcement. Could it be that this isn't a scenario th…

Actually, he said, "just the facts maam."