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Dragonflies aren't really pollinators. They're carnivores, so they're not really going flower-to-flower spreading pollen.

House flies are pollinators, but they're not as prolific as bees or butterflies according to this article:…


Hi George,

I actually thought I was helping make your point. While the population of the county has more than doubled in the last 60 years, where the growth is happening within the county is wildly uneven.


A quick look

Growth since 1960

Galveston County: +149 percent

League City: +4,263 percent

Galveston: -20 percent (1960 population was 67,715)

Texas City: +62 percent

Dickinson: +342 percent

La Marque: +29 percent

Santa Fe: +128 percent


That's correct, the city is also seeking to withhold video from a fatal crash that began as a police chase. The city asked for an attorney general's opinion in November and there hasn't been a ruling yet. The Daily News' request is still pending.


Hi Marty,

No. I have no idea. There was no apparent change in the situation overnight. We'll ty to get updates as people start waking up.


No, probably not. Maybe I should have explained more clearly.

The DSHS numbers probably has some kind of data error going on. According to the state's numbers, more Asians have been vaccinated in Galveston County than are known to live here. The DSHS numbers purport to be a count of…


Hi Donald,

I can pass along the request. I don't remember a time that comments were editable, so I can't say for sure if it's possible or not. You're correct that reporters have the ability to edit, update and correct articles. But I actually don't have the power to edit my comments…


Hi Donald,

That's not accurate.

Officer Michael Andrews pleaded guilty to drug possession charges.

The charges against officers John Rutherford, Dion Watson and Justin Popovich haven't been disposed of yet. All three have jury trials set for this year, according to court…


Hi Robert,

The state seems to have abandoned shipments to pharmacies, for now, in favor of these hubs. Gov. Greg Abbott has said the hubs are effective in getting more shots, into more people, faster. Some pharmacies were getting small shipments before two weeks ago, but that change…


Hi Craig,

Yes. If get a first dose at one location, you're automatically scheduled to get a second dose at the same location. There's been no reports in our area about problems getting the second dose. It seems like there's a separate distribution system to make sure that people fin…