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John Wayne Ferguson commented on New judge takes over federal court in Galveston

Hi Ron, Judge Hanks will still be a judge in Houston. One of the other effects of the number of appointments being made is that judges won't have to split time between multiple courts, like Hanks was doing before Brown's appointment.


John Wayne Ferguson commented on County to back out of opioid negotiating group

Hi Mary, the statistic is the rate per 100 people. So in any group of 100 people in 2008, you would statistically find 99 prescriptions.

It is possible for a single person with multiple prescriptions to be reflected in those statistics.


John Wayne Ferguson commented on A monkey is on the lam in Santa Fe, police believe

Hi Josh, there are a lot of rumors and confusion flying around right now. I'm told the initial call came in as a "chimpanzee" but without an in-person sighting, no one is confirming that.

There is a difference between apes, like chimps, and monkeys, and I'll update my rep…


I'm happy to clarify.

Neely has two attorneys, one for his criminal trespassing charge and Mr. Crump, a civil attorney.

His criminal attorney and the Galveston County District Attorney's Office do have copies of the body camera recordings because it's evi…


Can you tell me what street you live on? Call me at 409-683-5226 or email


John Wayne Ferguson commented on Galveston County still growing, but not as quickly

Thanks for pointing that out. More context has been added. The 2018 population was 337,890.


Hi Ray, by the time I woke up this morning, Hughes Road was clear. I confirmed that with two sources. DISD said some students might be late, but school was on schedule. Thanks for the other information.


HI Mike, as it says in the story, the city "prefers" that cars don't merge into the bike lane. Rather, drivers should approach the intersection, make sure the bike path is clear and make the 90-degree turn directly across the bike path. There's no signage that says that, and it's n…


John Wayne Ferguson commented on County wants federal funds for higher-income homes

Hi Susan, the CDBG definition of moderate and low income is different from the criteria HUD uses in other programs. For the block grant program, 80 percent is defined as moderate. In other HUD program, 80 percent is defined as low.

The median family income for the area is also now $74,…


John Wayne Ferguson commented on Police: Slain student was in violent relationship

Hi Ron, the case is being tried in Bexar County, not Galveston County, which is where the crime is alleged to have happened. The victim was a League City native.