John McLane

It is amateur hour for sure in Galveston County for the is split...commissioners wasting money on legal fees...judges with no juris prudence!

It was interesting to read that animal control was a question in the forum. Michael Wood is the animal advocates' candidate.This progressive liberal agenda of saving all the animals with taxpayer dollars is something I would not expect to see in Friendswood.

A progessive liberal agenda is being advanced by animal advocates and imposed on private property owners as evidenced by the TNR program. I have no idea why big government thinks this is a good idea and responsible use of public funds.

If you analyze the momentum behind the signatures,it appears that there are alot of folks who place public safety and property rights above feral cats. The progressive liberal agenda of animal advocates is being imposed on the general public. Look at the advocates in Friendswood who were try…

What is up with the crazies with pitbulls?

This situation continues to amaze me. The mention of the " no kill" option underscores what is ahead for this venture. This shelter will be subjected to the same pressures from animal activists that the publicly funded facilities are dealing with right now. These three cities shou…

This situation is crazy! Santa Fe and Dickinson should talk to League City and Friendswood about their experiences with volunteers and animal advocates...good luck will need it!

John McLane commented on La Marque police chief resigns

This situation looks bad for the city manager who hired Ms King and asked the council to confirm her choice. It is embarrassment for all concerned. Amateur hour for sure!

This issue is nonsense. No public entity should be in the animal control or facility business if it can be avoided.

The program sounds good for sure. It will take a sustained effort over time to make it successful.