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A bill filed in the Texas Legislature would prohibit cities from making rules that restrict where short-term rental housing.

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The Galveston Historical Foundation and the University of Texas Medical Branch partnership saves historic structures.

The Texas hospital meant to provide treatment for the state's sickest prisoners is in need of $22 million of repairs.

Parts of John Sealy Hospital reopened on Thursday, less than two months after the parts of the building were damaged by a fire in the building.

Galveston County’s representative in Washington, D.C. will not be going in front of a town hall full of constituents during this week’s Congre…

Galveston County law enforcement officials say they have no plans to decriminalize marijuana

State Sen. Larry Taylor, a Friendswood Republican, on Wednesday filed a bill proposing the re-creation of an interim committee to study coasta…

Texas Monthly magazine writer Gary Cartwright died on Wednesday. He was 82.

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John Ferguson

Hi Louis,

I've definitely heard this opinion. I think where we come down is that the news has spread across town — at the churches and among some large social media groups. As the paper of record, I think we have a duty to acknowledge it and confirm what we can. For instance, there was…

John Ferguson

Thanks for pointing that out, Terry. I've updated the story to clarify that there were no fatalities reported in Galveston in 2014.

John Ferguson

To be clear: the pictures were put into our system in alphabetical order by first name: Frank, Ralph, Sean, Steve.

John Ferguson

Hi Allison,

You're right. It's at the corner of 25th and The Strand.


John Ferguson

San Jac and Silk Stocking are actually in District 2 and represented by Craig Brown.

A lot of the Round 1 neighborhood money in District 2 was spent on sidewalk repairs and the addition of ADA compliant ramps.…

John Ferguson

Hi Bill. Uber is following the rules in Houston, including the fingerprint background checks.

Austin's fingerprint rules go into effect on March 1. However, residents there — with the support of the company — are trying to petition for a vote that would override the city's rules. Uber'…

John Ferguson

John Ferguson commented on Uber turns off service in Galveston

I just clarified with the city who was issuing tickets. The city's two Taxi and Wrecker Inspectors were were worked a special shift that was geared around Mardi Gras. Those two people, who are city employees but not police officers, handed out all the violations.

They identified Uber …

John Ferguson

It certainly is. Thank you.

John Ferguson

John Ferguson commented on Whale buried on West End

It was identified Tuesday night as a sei whale.

Part of the delay in identifying it is probably because sei whales look very similar to another species, the Bryde's whale. For a long time, they were considered the same species.

John Ferguson

I think those might be an eligible expense, yes.

It's actually an interesting question that was left unresolved when the Park Board took over management of the park program: Who gets to decide how the revenues are spent? So far, it's been the city and the council, and the only improvem…