Joe Wilburn

I have always wondered if Galveston would benefit from offering a passenger train ride included in the ticket price.

The port could obtain inexpensive land in LaMarque, Dickinson or League City and offer an on time fun train ride to Galveston four or more hours ahead of ship departu…

A true kind gentleman from the first time I met him in 1998 all the way through his time of passing. Always truthful and upstanding.

RIP Mayor Evans

Great food Great atmosphere, two business deals closed in his restaurant for my company directly related to his fantastic customer service. Paco is #1 with me!!
"Welcome Home Baby"

Simple math:
Take away column: Ego’s, Self-promotion, Self-evaluation upgrades, negativity, rallying citizens for opposition at any cost.
Addition column: Change Chamber of Commerce back to intended purpose. Rally citizens in a positive direction, find common ground, know the role yo…

This is the kind of things that happen when the Tail wags the Dog so to speak. We have a system in place to protect law abiding citizens from the hired people with authority. When elected officials fail or succumb to threat and can no longer control the hired guns, the system becomes a dicta…

The preceding comment posted by rverkin11 was posted in error. The author is myself Joe Wilburn.
I was logged in unknowingly on a computer someone else had used.

Thank you Hitchcock Police, Fire Department, Council and Mayor.
This is a super good group of people and the very best place to have a business!

You and other family members chose to move your businesses out of Dickinson to other cities.
That is the major difference that i want to bring to the citizens of Dickinson. I want to encourage businesses to choose Dickinson, move their families here and to be part of our communi…

I am very happy to hear Webster is business friendly. Please keep these pro business stories coming. I have been riding all morning looking for a 1 acre spot for a business, tomorrow I will cover Webster.
Hitchcock is very business friendly also.It seems they are willing to go the extra …