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Exactly, neighbors helping each other out. Where is Councilwoman's mask? We are still in a pandemic, lead by example

Interesting comments from a resident of Texas City

Galveston needs a Mayor who has integrity to lead our city and the concerns of all residents and businesses on the top of his agenda, and that person is Craig Brown. He has demonstrated this has a council member and I encourage everyone to vote for Craig Brown for mayor.

With all the recent spills in the bay, is the USACE going to release to the public the chemical analysis they are doing on the sediment? Including testing for PFOs and PFAs, forever chemicals that do not readily dissolve in water, and can become attached to sediment particles unless trans…

Hopefully this will change the way our police interact with an individual with mental health concerns, and they receive care they need and not placed in jail

Thanks to the 119 volunteers who came to the beach and picked up over 1200 pounds of trash! YOU rock it! And thanks to Galveston Island Brewery for their support for our clean up. Stayed tune for the next one! TIRN staff

The removal of all surface debris creates a sterile, artificial environment and further exacerbates the disconnection between society and our natural environment.

It depends on where in the state of Florida you are. On their beaches, the nesting density is so high that during nesting season (March 1 - Oct 31) mechanical beach cleaning is NOT allowed to occur. However, it does occur during nesting season on some beaches with varying levels of restricti…

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Thank you Bets! We appreciate your dedication to Turtle Island as a volunteer and helping us spread the word about our upcoming event.

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Make an effort to change your behavior and start using a reusable bag before a ban is in place. "Bring the Bag" campaign has educated thousands of residents and visitors on the impact on single use bags (which photo degrade) on our marine environment. Such a simple action with huge rewards