Josh Moore

Yet there still is not a grocery store in the town, but we sure do have game rooms. Yeah buddy.

Hitchcock needs a grocery store, and better city management.

Wow, that really is sad. I work as a ship agent and sometimes we need to get coast guard inspections done before a ship can make call in Houston. Not every terminal allows COC inspections alongside the dock, so we bring them into Galveston. It brings money to the port, but as you have sai…

I've read that it is a chimpanzee, so we have an ape roaming around Santa Fe. Those things can rip a man apart. Don't forget, one even ate a woman's face off a few years back.

I'd say drugs were involved.

Automatic weapons are so readily available? It would appear you are speaking about something you know nothing of. Obtaining a class 3 permit is no easy feat by any means, and that doesn't even include the cost of automatic weapons which typically range above $5,000 for the cheapest ones. …

It seems that some people need to be fired. Also, why do these officials make six figures a year? It would appear that those at the top in the Tax Office and other County offices are only concerned with lining their own pockets.

At one time, La Marque had the best schools in the county. What do they have now?

How is, "Remember the date March 22, next hint for who I am is on that date.” considered doing stupid stuff? Really? Yeah that is a great reason to ruin some kid's school career over.

Are you really that daft to think the u.s. government would use nukes on the populace? That would be an order that is not followed I can tell you that for sure. You forget that the military is all volunteer, killing people in their home towns is not what someone signs up for.