John E Sr. Macrini

John E Sr. Macrini commented on Gary Wayne Bell

Rest in Peace my friend. Gary was a wonderful keyboard player.

It's called SPIN , Rusty

Excellent ! The uneducated can get up to speed with Social Media, Cyberbullying, and the 95% of Horse Hockey provided by the internet at the taxpayers expense.

I'm sure there are many who didn't approve of George Mitchell but enjoy his benevolence to the city and infrastructure.

BB35, so Historical in the preservation of freedom for the U.S.A. and the World.

Old Sparky should come out of retirement !

[thumbup][beam] Congratulations Sidne Peters on your stellar record !

I prescribed nothing and you are entitled to feel however you would like to feel.

Perhaps the other Politicians were being apolitical and enjoying their families in celebration of Father's Day. Families are important.

Ferguson: What's the scoop on this story from May 23rd ?