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For a school district, children are FIRST! Board members make a commitment to adhere to this mandate in the Texas of Education code. Unfortunately, the board lost focus on the children and let other priorities supersede the primary mission of education our children. LMISD has quality stude…

#1: Keep kids first. Good decision to merge with TCISD.

When children are not the first priority, this is what happens.

Transparency : an honest way of doing things that allows other people to know exactly what you are doing.

The La Marque school board is not giving the community the information they deserve by not communicating with the GDN. They were elected to be stewards of the district and keepi…

I agree with you Jbgood, KEEP KIDS FIRST! Why is this so hard for the board to understand this?

Election code has not changed in many years and to dust if off as “somewhat complicated and mistakes of this nature are not unusual” is not acceptable answer. This is straight forward requirements the governmental entities are required to provide to the county for LMISD elections. The secr…

Flash backs to the 70’s when I was helping my parents with their vhs recorder. Now I feel am in my parent’s boat with my kids showing me how to use the new technology. It is cool to know how smart they are.

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David Montano and an extraordinary team, congratulations for a great season. I tip my hat to you.

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Probably, the increase in fund balance is normal operating expenses such as teachers’ salaries, etc., has been assigned to federal grants. This assignment will not be counted against the school district’s general revenue and expenses. Federal grants are specifically designated to certain p…

It is sad her parents never taught her was right and what is wrong. This is so wrong.