Jimi Luv

Miss you Chuck. TC the worst since you left as Mayor.

Money Mike had plenty more money to buy off the judge.

manure for brains

Karma at its finest.
The book 'Sailing for Dummies' was found floating near by. [tongue]

As for meals the night before and morning, just stick to what works now for your training runs. Toast or bagel with crunchy peanut butter and a glass of orange juice is my pre run meal two hours before a race.

Sounds like your on the right track. Start the race conservatively to finish strong.
You'll be training for your half marathon next. [beam]

can finish in the allotted time. Running is a passion I'll keep enjoying and I know you will too.

If your getting bored after 2 miles you may need a different goal. How do you feel after a run? Good, bad, tired, relaxed? I've been running a long time, probably before you were born. I stopped watching the clock a long time ago and just head out the door. No watch, no headphones…

357 magnum? whoa!
She does have that 'go ahead, make my day' kind of look.


Honest folks - 1

Phony Buzbee - 0