Jim Funkhouser

Hi Michael - this will be complimentary to the Ronald McDonald house as the two organizations already work collaboratively. Shriners currently subcontracts with apartment buildings in the area and the housing unit will supplement/replace that.

Shanna Funkhouser

St.Louis has one of the best displays in the US and like the comments re:Tampa, the fireworks are set off from barges.

So happy to see this work happening. Great job to all involved!

Flies? We’re in Galveston - it’s tropical - we have flies!

Love your list, I echo Paula Flinn’s comment about resiliency and will add one more - the restaurants, like Gaidos that have been part of many special occasions during my 55 years!

It would sure be a better read for me if Bailey Jones and Carlos Ponce would stop posting their back and forth banter.