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I call him Emile "Ellipsis" Pope.

With a "Beep! Beep!", a cloud of smoke, and three dots, he's off to his next drive-by opportunity at galvnews.com. ;^)

Emile Pope said:

"President Barack Obama was never impeached. And no president until donald was ever impeached for conspiring with a foreign government. And donald is the first elected president impeached during his first term. And now he becomes IPOTUS forever..."

The country…

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Emile, why the editors/moderators of these boards continue to approve your posts is beyond me. You are the very definition of an internet troll. Rarely do you offer any facts (or even compelling thoughts) to support your case. Instead, you employ the proverbial 'drive-by' tactics so often…

I’d ask, respectfully, that you re-read the article I linked to. Ice in Antarctica is increasing, not melting.

Coincidentally, there is an article out today about an 'explosion in Antarctic sea ice levels" (https://www.foxnews.com/science/explosion-antarctic-sea-ice-ice-age) which may lead to another ice age. So it only makes sense for us to also consider the possibility of receding sea levels, no…

We need to stop lecturing others on what they can and cannot say. There is a right to free speech in this country and no right to not be offended. Frankly, society was more civil before the PC movement.

Rhetoric like this does nothing to heal the anomie Rev. Daniels complains about.