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I don't have a dog in this other than a poor tax payer. But if I read the what was printed in today's paper that a bond of 185 million would increase a 200k house taxes by $396 a year.

How can Dickinson put out a bond of 94 million but only increase a 200 house by $40.

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Would be nice if the Senior Citizen Center on 22nd St also put into the plan. Been empty since Ike.

Why ws this not in today's paper Thursday 16th on Jan? So I take Galveston isn't in Galveston County? Why the differance in rules? I guess somebody's bother needed a job.

As with sidewalk parkers how about trailers parked blocking the bike lanes?

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Well I guess Mr. Torres is not a world traveler, and even on this island people still walk more than a few blocks, even miles. how could somebody say " no where else in the world do people have to walk five blocks to get to work" People really need to engage brain before saying such rubbish.

Would like know how this information comes about?"Galveston Island’s East and West Ends Tuesday had landing rates of 10 to 15, while the middle of the island had a landing rate of only two or three, Marshall said"

Maybe come to my yard at 20th & N and get covered with in minut…


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That data is flawed as where is "mid town" some now say 39th to 61st was it not from 20th at one time? Seems the goal post keep moving as everybody has a differant idea. Thank you