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Wonderful story, thank you.

Well said Kris! I believe there is a very large “silent majority” in this country-more diverse than they would admit-that is consistently backs Trump. It will show up in the polls again. Media in general is losing their ability to influence anyone because it is so terribly one sided.

Thank goodness for Ziegler’s! Can’t wait for you to reopen! You are needed in our community!

This is wonderful! Way to go Hitchcock!

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Could not agree more! Well said!!

I am so tired of the waste of our tax payer money attacking our own police for everything they do. Politicians always wanting to make their name while keeping up the pandering to small percentages of society that cry foul no matter what our police do. It’s completely out of hand!!!!

So proud of our Gator Nation! So many wonderful coaches, educators, and administrators in DISD, big thanks to all of them! Thanks GDN for the article highlighting the excellence happening in our district!

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Are you willing to give up your nail polish among the other billions of products that are produced by the chemical, oil, and gas industry? I doubt it. America is hooked on consumerism. That is why we continue to invest in these industries. Is there a profit? Yes. More importantly, there…

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Great article Harvey! I agree!

What incentive is there for administrators to intervene if they are going to be disciplined for it? Until we start backing our administrators and teachers and not complaining parents this problem will never end. Anyone can call any amount of intervention “misguided” depending on your paren…