Jarvis Buckley

Already predicting doom & gloom.
Stacking the deck with non-Americans in the Audience. Proves
Democrats care little for our country.

Trump is best President we have had since RR & he is just getting started.

David, just asking. Would you feel the same way if it was for the Kempner's
Or Fertitta. Just a thought.

I have agreed with EB on most everything over the last 15 years or so. Not sure I agree with her on this

Jarvo commented on From Russia with love

Liberals are an embarrassment to
Our country.

Well I don't think any of our comments, changed anyone's minds.
So we will be in control for the next 8
years for sure. Get over it.

The wall wasn't Trumps idea. He is just the only one with the courage to finish the job.

Fact is many miles of the wall/ fence was built by 43 . 44 built some fence but stopped when he was catching
Opposition from Elizabeth warrens
Extreme left groups , falling behind,
going over budget. Still have 1.2 billion dollars left over for the wall/ fence. 45 will make it happen.👍

Liberals have become laughable. This article is a prime example of fake news. Orson Wells style. Should be in the comic section of GCDN.

Really Mike- what other business allows their players to take a knee
during National Anthem? NFL-NBA