Jarvis Buckley

Well there goes cleaning the barnacles & oyster shell out of
the city's storm drains.

Thanks for explaining that Brian. I learned something.

Brian I do not believe Seawall parking is beach access . Am I wrong? Could residents get a reduced total island parking pass. Folks park at Seawall
ride bus to the strand area. Make this attractive to the folks that vote the mayor & council members into office & it will pass. If…

Good job Leonard.👍

I don't believe residents should pay one penny for Seawall parking. Property taxes should cover it. Sea wall parking should be a flat rate on a per day price for tourists. $20.00 bill
Is a cheap price to pay for a day at the beach. Just my thoughts.......

I agree with Raymond. GLO funding
great revenue source for this problem.

George sooner or later the small business owners in the Strand area
Are going to get tired of rebuilding &
restocking after heavy rains. It's not ethical to expect them to keep throwing good money down the
This situation has gotten very serious & will conti…

Jarvis Buckley commented on Good things do happen in Galveston

The best things in Galveston are the sunrises & sunsets & the incredible
residents of the Island.

Steve it runs all the way to the southwestern part of the Louisiana
border . Orange Texas. It's massive.
Will be studied for years. Millions spent. Politicians will come & go.
Then like the Galveston drainage system that floods the Strand area
every year. It will be forgotten.

First time I recall SL administration discussing the problem it was a $30,000 fix. They evidently chose to sweep it under the rug. Now it's $250,000. Fix it please BM.