love my island

In the parking ordinance it states the residents will be able to vote on it again in 7 years. Is that the date from which we voted or the date it was implemented? Regardless, in less than 7 years this will be voted down. It does not make enough money. Where are the Seawall improvements/restr…

I tried them for the first time last week, and I love them!

10 post on the GDN in 24 hours. Thats just sad, and I'm sure just as many on numerous other news site. I hope my life never boils down to that. Go out a get some fresh air, attend a tea party rally or SOMETHING!

The usual tea party crowds that has no life but these comment pages won't be alive in 10 years, much less 2050....hence they could careless

I hope they pray that they will elect some county officials that can go a week or two without getting a felony.

Part of the initial vote was that voters got to revisit the issue via vote in 7 years. I bet the city conveniently forgets that in 2018.

These jokers were elected to keep the projects off the island..the projects are coming back and next May they will all be gone.

Galveston has too many gay citizens to support a Chick-Fil-A on the island. It would not make it through it's first winter.

IHOG, somehow you have brought BHO into Galveston seawall parking. Get over it, he won. The majority ruled. Don't you have some AM radio station you could be listening too?

I had dinner at Luigi's saturday night. I will miss the place.I don't eat downtown during the day anymore. It is not about the money for paid parking. It is about having to shorten a lunch or keeping and eye on your watch so your lunch won't double in cost. Just not worth it. The meters don'…