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Just to be clear... Tourists, not residents... [innocent]

I'm also in favor of voter ID, but that doesn't require the voter to disclose their vote. The vote counts more than the name.

To post on this forum, I've already met the requirement of providing an "ID." Plus $14.

No hand-wringing; just answering your post. [beam]

You mean the Left and Center, don't you? [huh]

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I'm thinking... hmmm... well, not any of the ones that serve a useful purpose. [smile]

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"I really don't think you can pigeonhole people's musical tastes by their politics."

This is definitely true in my case. In the course of my voting life, I've been an idealistic liberal, a staunch conservative, and now a centrist. My taste in music has been broad across the…

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Carlos, that might actually be a really good question. That's part of the worry, isn't it? That maybe if SCOTUS acknowledges gay/lesbian marriage, it'll call back into question other types of union.

I dunno. I don't begin to have the legal expertise to know if it's even an option fo…

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This is so good I'm reposting it from Seamus's post below, so it'll have a better chance of being read:

"I also don't see how an opinion piece by someone who lives over 1,000 miles from Galveston, and has nothing to do with Galveston, is at all relevant to the readers of the Daily…

I'm for both Maxwell's curb/sidewalk program and Tarlton's neighborhood revitalization program. Both are good for the city.

I predict the curb/sidewalk program will succeed in only a few neighborhoods, but so what. At least those neighborhoods will benefit from it.

Also, Norm's…

I think her issue was with the politicians, not the crustaceans themselves... [smile]

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If people are so determined to reduce homosexual activity, they should allow marriage; at least, that's how it works with heterosexuals... I've heard...