Jean Glass

Seems there's no change in the way you look at things since you served LC Council.

They are doing a great job. Galveston is better by the day!!

Thank you for the link to your interview, Mr. Cross. Every word is true and so much more.

So CFA would lose their drive-up business at that location?? That is a huge part of each restaurant. Can't imagine...

Worked with Dr Beach at UTMB. You couldn't find a kinder, more committed and competent physician. So glad to see him recognized!!

Doesn't surprise me either. Jim walks the walk.

The article refers to a Saturday morning protest. How did that go??

A very committed family who have done much to help others. A fantastic program. And again, League City PD is on the cutting edge!

Please consider letting LMISD go, in the name of the wonderful past educators and present students. These students are due a good education. Things have changed and living in the past isn't the answer.

When LMISD shuts down, not only will the children of LM have a chance to participate in a successful learning environment, but property values may start to rebound. No one wants a house
in a school district with such terrible academics. So it should also bring a bit of economic help. …