Maybe someone can tell us when 65th St between heards lane and Stewart Road will be repaved? It's truly pathetic that some roads that needed little to no repair got repaved and those that provide public transportation are last, if any, on the list?

Black FRIDAY....is suppose to be held on Friday, hence the name. Stores opening on Thursdays should truly stop. Let people have the day off to spend with their families or doing what they please.

Well said dasistrunk!

Congrats to the proud parents and of course their daughter. [beam]

No one knows what exactly happened that night. Yes, it's awful that the young man lost his life way too soon, but they are the only ones that know what happened. Hopefully between the police, lawyers, and the judicial system can sort out the facts and matters will be handled appropriately.…

J94fab91 commented on Dad: I hit my son too hard

It is so sad that so many VETS do not get the needed help once they've committed their lives to serve our country. My uncle was a decorated. Vietnam Vet and has passed 4years ago and we are still waiting for the $300 they contribute to his funeral. Houston Vet Hospital is fabulous, otherwi…

Why is the father in jail? Is it "assumed" that he injured his child? The 2 yrs old could've fallen and hit his head or anything could've happened. I hope people didn't jump to conclusions. Prayers for that baby

The "interim" city manager should have other business to tend to than little league business unless he's wanting to volunteer his time on and off the field?

There are many people on here that can critique LMISD teachers and administrators, but how many of you volunteer to work with these struggling students in La Marque. It takes more than the teachers and administrators to educate these students whether they are in LMISD or any other school.

This is so sad, but it's not the first incident with people getting stuck in the justice center such as the stair well. People that have skipped the elevators to take the stairs have been stuck until someone has over heard them banging on the locked doors. Hint...fix the problem!