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No! No! No! Firstly, if there is surplus funds they should go to already approved projects. 2) Do not install one more obnoxious sign on our island, let alone an LED annoying blinding billboard! No! No! No!

Nicely written, great photos! Thanks for sharing your library with us, Michael!

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Thank you for taking the time to write this guest column - words to live by for everyone.

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(sorry, the word is resources to defend the innocent - not, recourses) - although, my recourse is to move away from this paradise island and find a safer place to reside.

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Although i agree with using real numbers and not fairy tail budgeting figures, i must also recommend taking the "slam dunk" cases to trial with their indigent court appointed attorneys in a timely manner. Although some time spent on cases is necessary for the investigative D.A.'s …

Best Guest Column i've read in a while. This is a beautifuly put together column and i can only pray that we, as Galveston County residents, have the moral ethics to make a step in the right direction for the lives of so many. As Socrates and Jiminy Cricket's said: "Let your consciou…

How refreshing to read this article this morning. You, Tom Linton, are absolutely correct - they are unsung heroes! Last Saturday at 3am in the morning, i was ever so grateful for a 911 Operator - what professionalism - what a calming nature - thank you 911! Being the victim of a home invas…

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Jonathan, as always, so wise.... thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Galveston misses you and your family tremendously... Liked the gratefulness part about volunteering to help make Galveston a sustainable community. NICELY DONE, my friend!

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Thank you Susan (Judge Baker) for taking time to write this. You are so correct. I can't ever imagine you being wrong!