Mary Branum

Congratulations Mike and many thanks to the City

Code enforcement needs to step up their game. For years I have turned in vehicles parked, not blocking a driveway, but parked on the sidewalk! Every one turned in has a driveway and street parking available so why park ON the sidewalk?

Another issue is parking in front yards. Why? D…

I would assume the structure of charging passengers for port fees must be the total, not a discounted amount. Checks and balances.

Port fees are charged by ports to cruise lines, which are passed on to passengers. They are charged, not based on amount paid for a sailing, but the number of passengers. This is how ports charge.

In all honesty, it is the locals who get a "free pass" because they argue that Codes don't apply to them! Have turned in the same "cars in the front yard or sidewalk" for years; still parking in the yard or on sidewalk. Same with overgrown yards and derelict properties. How difficult is i…

There is plenty of free parking; just walk an extra block or two. Free parking on Sunday. Support local business.

Today on there are 145 listings for single family homes under $250,000!

One must take into consideration the additional costs associated with home ownership: property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance. These costs can be well over $500 per month in addition to …

The comments made have little to do with the City,

ICE has always been an issue in Galveston at disembarkation. The Port continuously attempts to get more agents; but this is controlled by the Federal Government. There is also more security here due to the ports visited from Galvest…

The Park Board is funded through a portion of the island’s hotel occupancy tax revenues as well as beach parking fees and grants. The organization does not receive local property or sales tax revenues.

Blessed to have known Mr. Williams. Rest in peace. You will be missed.