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IslandResident commented on Intermissions needed at The Grand

Not sure what an intermission has to do with late comers to a performance.

It is up to the performers the length of their performance and if there will be an intermission or not.

Also, the performers dictate when late comers will be seated. Some have no issues, others want seati…

The denial of the PUD was based solely on the zoning change from Urban Neighborhood to Commercial. The LDR specifies what describes an Urban Neighborhood. Whatever comments individuals made regarding the facility had no bearing on the decision. The city dedicated years in designing the LD…

Believe the vote was 5-1

Who are you referring to?
I only repeated JWF's comments.

One fatality in 2015 and none in 2014.

The International Oleander Socierty has submitted, as requested, annual budgets and Quarterly reports. Each submission, we asked for and received a date stamped copy for proof of delivery.

Yes, Todd!
These very issues are rampant in Galveston. Yet, one MUST call code enforcement to have anything done. Even then, they sometimes say - "call the police"! What is code enforcement for? Do they not see anything when driving around?

When one mows (if), clean…

IslandResident commented on Elder named Daily News managing editor

Congratulations Laura. Well deserved. You are a valuable asset to GCDN and Galveston.

There is money in poverty! Why should mixed income housing cost $250.000+ to build?
Houston is going through the same with low income housing projected to be built in the Galleria area, the most expensive land in the City. with schools already overcrowded.

Forcing housing to be …

I often don't agree with you, Susan; but this time you are spot on.
The State held our feet to the fire at the critical time in rebuilding after Ike.
The entities that sued to rebuild public housing had no vested interest in Galveston or the residents.