Rauline Vanda

YOU are SOOOOO Correct Hyatt!!!

Agree totally with Don Schlessinger!!

DAMN SHAME Galveston!! My gosh, doesn't anyone "Care" about the City you live in? WoW. I'm embarrassed for the citizens here (I'm a BOI lived here all my life close to 60yrs now) Maybe you think it won't matter anyways... Yeah... well guess what? You Don't VOTE---Don't GRIPE!!

My gosh!! "According to the release".... This dang paper is getting WORSE!! Come On GCDNS!!! Please!!

Glad to see the ONLINE correction of the spelling of FULLEN from Fuller, from the bold heading of story. Not everyone has Internet service. Shame all the printed paper copies were incorrect. Hope the GCDNS apologized to the man. Congratulations Jimmy FULLEN!!![smile]

If you have Facebook... TJ Aulds has a page called i45NOW you can get his updates!!

Timothy Thompson... you could always GOOGLE... Hope this helps. https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/hjh19

I understand the thoughts and words of everyone here... but please...it could have been a medical situation... even though 18 yrs old.... still could have been a heart attack....seizure...stroke....many things. Even going 83 mph...foot could have got planted on the excelerator... happened t…


I love that the headline reads "Isle gets 'final' downtown parking plan" - and the last 2 paragraphs of the article reads-"McMorris did say that the council could revisit the issue of expanding the hours of operation or the size of the parking area next year. "if it's no…