Gary Miller

Wrong David. Mayes is a pure Conservative interested in citizen welfare. Democrats have just started attacking him because voters like him.

The private air port will be open for public use. Privately owned and operated as opposed to government owned and operated.

Bonnet head and sharp nose sharks. Best table fair. Mild flavor with boneless white flakes.

Dan . you covered some of Galveston's faults. Short term rentals may be the #1 fault. I think you might better understand how short rentals are a problem. Chek the tax rates on older properities and the new tax rate when converted to smaller units. The city has a income bonanza. Frinds wh…

Virgina > YES.

Seperation of Church and state is not part of the First Amendment or any other Amendment. A political judge claimed he believed it did. The First Amendment says government can not create a church or religion. It is permitted for church and state to have the same goals as long as governmen…

George > It might be that you will never reach the age of "adult" consent. Your posts are more like childish temper fits. After reading them I feel sorry you can't get help.

Why do liberals have so much trouble understanding "age of consent" which defines when a child achives the legal ability to decide? Healthy and successful societies have always believed children need parental guidence until old enough to make adult decisions. In recent research it has bee…

Drag and strip shows have never been part of successful child rearing. They never will be. Progressives push them because they are destructive to healthy families and healthy families are hard to corrupt.

Well said Pete!