Gary Miller

Part of the NO disaster was political corruption. Congress provided hurricane protection funds that were used by local politicians for pet projects having nothing to do with hurricanes.

One thing is certain. If a plan is ever approved it will be one that most increases the bureaucrat service fee for every bureaucrat involved, before, during and ever after.

Galveston needs a window sticker like the TC dike road sticker for a no parking fee for residents. Charge tourists as much as they will pay. After all, crossing the causway is a promiss to leave broke isn't it? The sooner each tourist goes broke the sooner another can contribute to Galveston.

The Corp likes to spend money even when it makes things worse. They will gladly spend more to correct their mistakes. Spending money is what they do best.

Drainage, for rain or storms, is valuable for both. We've had bigger, more often and more costly rain floods than storm floods. Building codes that raise housing above either kind of flood would seem to be needed. Drainage that works should be the second most important issue. Texas City/La M…

Most scientists agree climate change is real, agree on when this climate cycle started, 1890 +or - ten years, but do not agree that humans caused or increased it.

The reduction of global poverty is what Socialists fear most. They can't survive prosperity. Poverty is their hold on people. Since this climate change started 129 years ago world poverty has been reduced by a little over half. In another 129 years it could be reduced by another half. Good …

Getting the Harvey water out must be as important as keeping the IKE water out. Actually since Harvey did more damage than Ike getting the water out might be most important. Some canals like the Highland Bayou Canal with a few big pumps in the correct places could do more and cost less than …

Paula! Since it is difficult to find a democrat who isn't "evil" Trump may be correct.

GHW Bush was all that and a member of the DC swamp.