Joel Martin

Thank you Mr. Hart for a sensible, fact filled article on this subject. I get so tired of journalists with degrees in English telling the rest of us what is "indisputable" evidence of global warming.

Michael, if you believe 97 percent of scientists agree with that I have some beachfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you[smile][smile]

It is. That's what you get with a monopoly.

I couldn't throw the first stone.

Awww [sad]

GE, you make way to much sense to be posting here.

Oh the horror! Those thoughtless employees spending money at local restaurants and clogging up our streets.Let's send this facility and the money to another port so we don't have to be bothered waiting for a traffick light.

Tried it Saturday and was not impressed. Good service but the food and drinks didn't come close to the prices charged. Would not recommend it.

So mojo, when are you filing?.

Hopefully they will get a jury like the last one that tells them no luck with the insurance lottery.