Heber Taylor

The city needs to stop arguing over the housing study before it loses other federal funds.

One of the best arguments about the need to protect the Houston Ship Channel from the kind of storm surge that was seen during Hurricane Ike is coming from environmentalists.

The discussion by the city council in League City about the conduct of public meetings using videoconferencing technology raised some interesting questions.

The notion that Wydell Dixon, the owner of the ill-fated Whiskerville animal shelter, belongs in the same category of people as those who fight pit bulls is ridiculous.

After a tragedy, it's easy to impose more laws. But we should look at efforts to enforce present laws and how they can be improved instead.

If you live in the Clear Creek school district, mark your calendar for two public hearings next week.

Just a reminder: Today’s the deadline for nominations for Everyday Heroes.

On Wednesday, La Marque school officials were talking about a sensible compromise to getting the district back into black ink.

The La Marque school board should focus on finding a solvency plan and not Ecomet Burley's contract at their upcoming meeting.

Mayor Lewis Rosen's actions will stifle any dissent from the finance committee. 

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