Henry Hansen

T. W.,

You stole my thunder. I could not agree more.

Now if the federal government would stop stealing from the American citizens up to $7,500 to subsidize every electric car sold in this country it would be a great day!!!

Bill, ERCOT answers to the Public Utility Commission. Your comment however, is essentially true. We have a government bureaucracy reporting to a government bureaucracy. Now what could go wrong there?

Jack, that is absolutely terrible. Thank you for helping to keep the Island clean despite the idiotic actions of these two rude inconsiderate jerks. I like your idea of having authorities enforce littering laws.

Baily, what the Democrats are allowing to flow unchecked across our southern border is your cheap labor. That is on Democrats, not Texas Republicans.

Stuart, let me quote the great Ronald Wilson Reagan, "you know so much that just is not so".

And, it is adjacent to a public on beach parking area.

Michael, your article is just plain wrong. Natural gas plants are the most reliable of all power generation plants. This is an established fact. Texas is swimming in natural gas. We need less unreliable, taxpayer subsidized, renewables and more natural gas plants fueled with Texas produce…

E. J. Petree, I could not agree more. I am old enough to remember when the Salk Vaccine for polio came out. My goodness my family and I stood in line for hours waiting for our vaccines in a junior high school gym in San Antonio. Thousands were vaccinated every day in that city. I am 65 an…

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George, you skipped something called Reconstruction. Federal troops occupied the South for approximately 20 years. Three million mostly uneducated former slaves were set free with no plan to protect and manage the situation. Federal troops appointed former slaves to positions of mayors an…

Henry Hansen commented on The whole BLM movement is a lie

Ted, trust me. Your communist leaders have read Saul Alinsky. Hillary actually knew him. He was one of her mentors. Obama had a picture of Alinsky in his office. (Not the Oval office.)

We are in the beginning of a Communist revolution in this country! You know it and I know it!