Gary Scoggin


I have no opinion on the political leanings of those who have seen UAP, but I do want you to buy me a drink.

Yep, Bill I agree. I've always thought a lot of Dr. Raimer going back to when he was my son's pediatrician over 30 years ago. But the circumstances' of his dismissal aren't our business.

I am so happy with how the consolidation went and how TCISD is plotting successful outcomes for ALL students in our District.

I’m willing to bet that between UTMB and Shriners there is more than enough demand for this type of facility. I wouldn’t view this as competition (which is what you seemed to imply) but as an additional, much-needed resource.

This is wonderful. Kudos to the Shriners.

Lone Star Law is very worthy of anyone's time!

""honest election"....How about those that are suspicious? Whistleblowers are lining up." Carlos -- Thanks for making my point.

Jim, I agree with you in general, there are many homelessness problems that can’t be cured by housing alone. The mental health issues, as discussed above, are dominant.

Remember when Republicans used to talk badly about the victimization culture?

MAGAs just can't bear the thought of losing an honest election. That's why they have to create doubt. It makes them feel like victims. It starts with the recently defeated President and works down from there.