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Gary Scoggin

gscoggin commented on NATO to US: Yes sir, Mr. Trump

This is an area where I give the President a thumbs up. It's the right thing to do to get our NATO allies paying their agreed share.

Waiting for the knives to come out in 3.... 2.... 1..... [scared]

Right on point, Jay. The GDN could do a much better job of holding our elected representatives accountable on the issues of the day. For example, is Weber a repeat and replace, repeal then replace, or repeal only kind of guy? I have no idea and there's nothing on his website to indicate th…

FWIW, I am backing Don Gartman. A good guy with lots of executive experience.

How about "thinking"?

And I hope you agree that people that use the perjorative "li----d" should be publicly flogged.

NEPA was passed by Congress and would have to be changed by Congress. So while the President has some latitude here on the scope and extent, the studies will have to be done. Trump could try the Executive Order route like his predecessor did but he would likely get his rear end handed to hi…

Well, it could use some tuning for sure. :-) It is a bit of a mess.

I always get amused here about how the only adjective that seems to be used is "liberal".

As Jim pointed out, the brick and mortar language was from President Trump. He's the one that can't move beyond that. Carlos, perhaps the President should take your advice and expand his thinking. But then he doesn't need to do that as his supporters create fake news by reinterpreting wha…

Whether or not the wall will be effective in stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and the environmental impacts of the wall are two different issues - one doesn't preclude the other. There are legitimate differences of opinion about both topics. If, as a nation, we decide to build a bor…