Gary Scoggin

Agree, Michael.

Finally a Supporter that expresses what the party of Trump really stands for. Thanks, Gary M!

Liz Cheney voted with Trump at a much higher rate than Rep. Stefanik who will replace her. Hardly a leftie, hardly a RINO. Her only sin was not publicly believing the Big Lie. The Republicans have no ideology any more, only Trump worship.

Ask Liz Cheney about free speech in MAGA land.

“ What is puzzling more is that it is not republicans who are burning down cities...”

Maybe not, but it was Republicans that invaded the Capitol and led an armed insurrection that tried to prevent, for the first time in our nation’s history, the peaceful transfer of power. It is Rep…

Exactly, Don. All columns should be run through Norman’s MAGA filter first. We can’t tolerate differences of opinion here. MAGA snowflakes might get offended.

And much of Galveston, Texas City, Hitchcock, LaMarque and Bacliff will be under water.

Lois - you are spot on that perspective is important. Where I worked we used to refer to some people as "painted turtles." When you looked at them from above you saw a pretty painted shell. When you looked at them from underneath you saw a turtle's you know what.

Many people are loo…

[beam] Well, I’m not a chemist.

I suggest these disgrunteled North County readers cancel their subscription and perhaps start their own publication. Many will never be pleased until the GDN becomes the MAGA Daily News,