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Gary Scoggin commented on For Cornyn, it really is that simple

Those that took an oath to to be fair and impartial in this matter also need to consider that they have been warned “ 'Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike,“. Let’s see Cornyn’s courage quotient on this.

Gary Scoggin commented on For Cornyn, it really is that simple

As opposed to the Trump worshippers who would vote for the man even if he stood on Fifth Ave. and shot someone. Worshippers gotta worship.

This rollback doesn’t undo most wetlands protections. Destroyed wetlands must still be mitigated. Non point source pollution such as runoff still needs to be controlled. The WOTUS rule was mainly about how far upstream Clean Water Act protection happens. It literally considered farm ditch…

I like clean water but I also like clean laws. The Obama era Waters of the US Rule was a big regulatory overreach. The Trump Administration is correct in scaling it back to more practical limits.

In many respects, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Bush aspired to this, even if not fully successful. Our current President does not even aspire to this. In fact he relishes fights so much he goes out of his way to pick them.

Carlos -- What part of state charges are still pending isn't clear? You are right about Republican voters not caring about their candidates criminal or legal histories. Besides Paxon we have our own Chris DuPuy as an example. (And there was another guy about that time whose name I can't r…

Carlos, I am so glad to see you agree he is still under indictment on state charges. The fact that he was re-elected says nothing about his legal status. It may say something about those who voted for him, though.

“ Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. "We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love” —. That’s not the approach our current Counter-Puncher-in-Chief uses.

While I have no problems with the removal of restrictions, I too think it’s important not to skip over the fact that our Governor and our (under indictment) Attorney General hate local control by municipalities and prefer to run local matters from Austin.

The right to operate a gun range is a “God given right.” Interesting, I guess I missed that part in the Sermon on the Mount.