Chris Dannenmaier

So tired of half=measures from concerned citizens! Save the planet now! Divest your homes and lives of every vestige of fossil fuels and refined products. Live in harmony with nature.

The city could donate the sidewalks surrounding The Oleanders on Broadway to these smart, sweet people. A walkway over Broadway would provide safe access to McDonald's and the convenience stores that provide critical elements of their sustenance.

Chris Dannenmaier commented on Student charged in teen prostitution scheme

Well, you do have to credit the girls for exhibiting intiative and seizing an opportunity when it was in front of them. They need to expand their business model to include regulatory compliance costs. And it goes without saying that they shouldn't be taking advantage of older men that way.

I first moved to Galveston with the chemical industry in the late 1980s, and continue to work as a consultant internationally. In my time, the industry has focused on safety and the numbers of upsets and accidents experienced at the plants continue to decline. One thing that has changed in…

Chris Dannenmaier commented on New voter ID laws unfair to women

So....a photo ID to vote is discriminatory. Here is a list of other things that require a photo ID:
1) Buy alcohol
2) Buy cigarettes
3) Open a bank account
4) Apply for food stamps
5) Apply for welfare
6) Apply for Medicare or SS
7) Apply for unemployment or a jo…

Chris Dannenmaier commented on Using police officers for parking is bad

Agree. We can re-assign the parking officers to the new Armored Division of the Galveston Police Department. People will be needed to maintain our new MRAP, plus serve as armorers for its heavy weapons. In addition, some will be needed to conduct armored patrols when the rebel forces stri…

Chris Dannenmaier commented on Could we get a P&L?

A P&L on Seawall parking would be good. Perhaps while we are at it, the city could lay out a cost-benefit analysis on its cool new MRAP! Driving past the police station yesterday, I noticed it still has its gun mount in place. It would also be nice to know whether the plan is to go w…

Directional drilling for shale gas was an epic achievement. One of the cool things about Galveston was that you could have breakfast one table over from a billionaire at the Tremont House on any given morning. I doubt we will see his like again.

Chris Dannenmaier commented on Isle's seawall parking fees go live today

"We don't share our data with anyone." [beam]

Chris Dannenmaier commented on Suddenly, a parking fee appears

The recently added parking signs really improve the view of the Gulf. If you are on the Seawall, no matter which direction you look, you will see at least ten reminders of Galveston's commitment to progress. And the whiners in Houston! We could take them for a lot more by posting fewer s…