Dru Walters

There are good and bad people everywhere of every race and religion. I'm more afraid of our own crazies with guns and mental illness right here in our own country. We need more emphasis put into mental health and gun control in this country if you really want to keep this country safer!

Trump who questioned Obama's birth certificate and repeated lies along with crooked Hillary comments, not showing his tax returns, hiring people who have no experience to head the Department of Housing, Education among others. He is the pot calling the kettle black. He has used and abused …

Wake up - Trump isn't smart enough to play mind games.

Check out Galveston.com Facebook page for pictures of the assault. Police have been notified and responded immediately. If you recognize them - please call police.

Great news! My first tamale was from the Ochoa's kitchen! Can't wait for them to open! Good luck Moreno family!

Sounds like a great festival to me!

Ugh - NO DIGITAL signs! They are distasteful! I'm disappointed the council didn't follow the recommendation of the sign committee who took NINE months to study the issue and the planning commission who BOTH supported the ban! Really - they aren't necessary for business! You can be creat…

Good Luck Coach Anders! Looking forward to a great football season! Go Tors!!!

I would love to know the names of said judges. Are the elected or appointed? At a time when more often than not the mass shootings are done by people with a mental illness, they deny a grant that has proven success? Why? People, many homeless, with mental illness have no place to go for…