Dru Walters

I scroll right by ignoring the delusional - if there are 10 comments I can be sure Carlos has responded five times. There’s an ad with a guy who is counseling people not go look at the weirdo and says something like “ we all see it, we all see it” That’s Carlos.

Years ago there was “The Patio Bar”. Still my favorite bar of all time - simply because you never knew who was sitting next to you and what their perspective might be - can’t judge much when you’re practically in your birthday suit. I still miss it.

You tell them - it’s a great goal to move toward! I love your “opinion”!

Way to go Doug! I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Maybe that's the point.

I will vote him out. Sounds like he is putting politics ahead of public health. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t quarantine it either.

[beam] You got that right! lol!

I couldn't agree with you more - the kid never had a chance.

ike Dean was named Citizen of the Year. He obviously works hard to bring tourism and family friendly festivals to the island and raises money for the Yaga's Children's fund. I can't help but think the streets are safer for everyone when there is a charge to get in Mardi Gras to help pay f…

When is the last concert day this year? I hope we can celebrate all the years he has given to the community all of the wonderful memories!