Bill Quiroga

I would like to thank all of the voters that voted for me in the Navigation race.

Congratulations to Dennis Byrd.

Who's driving the bus? Looks like the Navigation District is in the back set!

This is why the morale at city hall is at its lowest I have ever seen. More ex-county employee to support Yarbrough agenda! Maybe we to call this the little Galveston County government!!!

The approximate average salary for for these cronies, a whopping $140,000 plus benefits.

We …

gltn_01 commented on Vote no May 7th

As you know I disagree with the idea some 6 or 7 years ago. I apologize, you are correct!

As you stated “Notwithstanding, our council has presented us with a charter ballot which is all about strengthening their power and perks in office.” This is also correct.

Talking to man…

Mr. Kalbaugh should stay in the race. This decision is his alone!

How little we all forgot about Mr. Yarbrough failures at Citizen Bank as the president and as a director at Eagle Broadband where many investors lost thousands of dollar in stocks.

Unable to make it in the private…

Elizabeth Beeton is absolutely correct!

History is now repeating itself! A loose pocket book (your tax dollar) would be disastrous in the hands of Mayor Yarbrough and Brian Maxwell.

These two men were the architects of cost overruns in the million dollars of county projects, resu…

There are two projects that I question.

Both Yarbrough and woods supports the building of a new fire station as well as the demolition of the old city incinerator. “Mayor Jim Yarbrough said he believed the north side would no longer be considered the city’s “stepchild” after the proje…

Sorry for the type-o errors!

Mr. Broussard I find it very interesting that your attacking Mrs. Shannon! I find you sir as no more than a hypocrite!

If I recall the person you are supporting for the mayor made an argument supporting the shelter on 45th street across from Cedar Lawn. Where were you then, why didn’…

gltn_01 commented on Vote 'no' to Prop 2 May 7

Ms. Beeton,

You are correct in your assessment but let me expand if I may. This is the strategic plan that Mayor Yarbrough wants. Why?

1. The one project that we all need to look at is the incinerator. A project that Mayor Yarbrough wants desperately to come to term. Why? With th…