Rainy Brown

fltn gets it. whenhe says.. The very good old boy system has moved from the county to the city of Galveston after being toss out by the county voters.

Scott has a business/profit agenda interest.

Beeton has a citizens interest. It's a lonely world in Galveston if you actually have intelligence and use it for the good of all.

Girlbayside commented on This system can be improved

When a person has just robbed a store and roughed up the owner and then committed and assault on a police officer you don't just let them flee. White or black.

Girlbayside commented on Can we eliminate ‘deserts’?

Keep the government out of it.

Girlbayside commented on Cities should set minimum wage

Norm, I think you need to read up on how much money you can make and still qualify for welfare/assistance. There is just no way it would do what you say.

I do not believe city council members of any city should have
such powers.

How about another letter that speaks to busin…

It's all oriented towards business with less regard for those who actually live here. But then, it is the Chamber.

Girlbayside commented on The one thing is public education

It would help if we actually enforced our immigration laws.

Girlbayside commented on Such a deal on housing

Outrageous. They could have a beach house on the canal for less than that.

No doctor. Just wondered if anyone followed up on the story.

That was fast. We have to wait a day or more with other places to find out.

What was the diagnosis with the woman from Walmart in Galveston that Channel 2 News aired last week?