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David Collins

Ceding this property to the Porrettos sets an unwise precedent.

This TIRZ has never passed the smell test.

I often forget that Margaret's name is on the account when I"m doing the commenting.[smile]

David Collins

See my comments on neighborhood projects in the discussion on that item in the paper today.

The Mayor and our absent D3 council representative promised public hearings on neighborhood projects multiple times. They then rammed the Lindale improvements through in the dark by burying them in the consent agenda, and passing the whole thing as one item as they often do when they want so…

This is a perfect example of a City Council doing business without regard to the people they were elected to serve.

That residents of historic districts dont want people outside the district making decisions about historic guidelines is hardly elitist.
This notion that the LC is an arbitrary final authority is nonsense. LC decisions can be appealed to ZBA and Council just like a Planning Commission d…

Welcome to Galveston. Homes in the Historic Districts do carry a premium. We did a thorough inspection of ours before we bought it and bid accordingly - then promptly put everything we save and then some back into it.
Charlotte is correct that Planning and Landmark are prett…

(David writing on my wife's acct)
I appreciate your remarks, though I in turn find it ironic that you're defending Planning. Most developers complaints are aimed at them, not the citizen boards. The thrust of my editorial, which I think the GDNs headline blunted somewhat, …

David Collins commented on Mafrige supports Galveston

His full page ad about Yarbroughs conflicts of interest was spot on.