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Conservative does not mean "against any so-called Socialism". So I cannot say anything about your teacher friends. But anyone that is as categorically hateful about Liberalism …

No matter how conservative your teacher friends are, they all made their living from a Socialist institution: PUBLIC EDUCATION. If one is Anti-Socialist he should be consistent, should not make money of what he despises. They say "don't bite the hand that feeds you"

Carlos Ponce, my my, an anti-liberalist, anti-socialist, who lived all or most of his life off that most-liberal, most-socialist brain-washing institution of all: Public Education

When did you switch, Jack? What year was that?

On both sides of the spectrum

Cognitive Dissonance

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this is the root of the illegal immigration:

Mr. Roix

do you enjoy shadow boxing? You seem to. Why otherwise would you think I...
... expect you to be accountable to me or anyone?
... would want an application for anything?
...would expect you to live up to my or any standard?

Just made some observations, drawn …

and no, children of undocumenteds should NOT receive citizenship.

we have to thank Ronald Reagan for that. he crafted regulation that forced medical facilities to take care of people regardless of ability to pay. Wasn't he Republican? I wish the Republican dominated Congress would repeal that. Then there would be no need to force people into Medical Insurance.