Albert Redmond

Loss of a beloved pet is truly a heart-breaking experience. I'm so sorry that you have been deprived of your loving little companion.

There is no dispute that they are human, but the laws as written and which are currently on the books, define any person that enters this country unlawfully, i.e., not within the strict confines of the law, as an illegal alien. These laws have not been repealed, but rather are not being enforced.

Last week the President stated that they would be sent back to their home countries. He has received push back from various special interest groups, however and an ambiguity has arisen as to whether this can be accomplished because of the law which was passed in 2008. This law was narrowly …

Facts don't matter...ideology trumps.

"Song of the Marionettes..."

Well said, and I agree.

I, also, am a fifth generation Galvestonian, and am in total disagreement with the views expressed by Joyce Ekelund.