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GalvTravelGirl commented on Gary Cartwright, magazine writer, dies

He was a very sweet man. He also wrote "Hotel Galvez: Queen of the Gulf."

That's fantastic!

I hope the Food Truck Park options work out. Love it in Austin and it's sure to be a success in Galveston. People either want to sit down at a restaurant or are looking for a quick bite at a food truck. And congratulations to Jenny on the Block! I tried it on Saturday. Nice, new option for a…

GalvTravelGirl commented on Press Run: Training for my first 10k

Hey Laura,
Congrats on your first 10K! That's great news. By the way, once you run 6 miles; you can run a half marathon. Join us on Thursdays at Ball High Track for Legion Fitness. We focus on form and do some great drills. [beam]

Looking forward to trying it tonight! [smile]