Stephen Murphy

Heck, if festivals are so good for the local economy, particularly The Strand, there should be a festival almost every month! We could have festivals to celebrate:

National Bird Feeding Month where merchants could sell bags of bird feed to attendees for feeding the local pigeons, se…

Stephen Murphy commented on FM 646 Truck Rollover

Let me guess. He was going too fast? Surprise! Surprise!

Good luck, Kaitlin! Hook 'em!

Every time I saw that bear, I smiled.

If you see a disheveled individual carrying a weed whacker while pulling up to a pawn shop on a bicycle, there's a good chance the weed whacker isn't being pawned because the owner just moved into The Breakers condominiums. Think about it.

Stephen Murphy commented on In Focus: Navy 56, Houston 41

Football is not an easy subject to photograph, but Mr. Cox shows with his work why he is a professional. Great images! Of course, it helps to have some nice glass! I'm jealous.

I'm curious if the trolleys are required to meet ADA requirements and, if so, are these trolleys wheelchair accessible?

I hope they revamp the appointment system, too. I tried to make an "appointment" through the online system and it took 3 days of trying and trying before I was able to get into the system. On top of that, what good does it do to have an appointment if there are no places to park? The Galv…

Stay away from 1764 and I-45, too. Today, at least, you cannot take the feeder road going north at that intersection.

Terry Moore, I have no idea what you're trying to insinuate with those articles, but Mr. Flores has been against paid entry to Mardi Gras on The Strand for as long as I can remember. Also, he is against paid entry to The Lone Star Rally.

I don't know about you, but as a Galveston ho…