Stephen Murphy

"...Texas, like everywhere else, is full of people who’d be perfectly happy never setting foot in a state office ever again." Amen, brother! Amen!

You had a great run, men. Congratulations!

Well, that's a first.

Congrats to Coach Wulf and the Indian baseball team. On to the playoffs!

I recommend BackBlaze for cloud storage.

At least the company who is performing the Seawall repaving has put up loose gravel signs, unlike a certain company who performed the I-45 repaving back in 2017.

How many wrecks involving two vehicles occur on the Seawall during a normal weekend or, for that matter, any weekend? Lately, it seems more vehicles are going over the seawall than are involved in an accident with another vehicle. Are the naysayers claiming there will be more accidents tha…

Golf carts on the Seawall "operating in traffic"? OMG, what will it be next? Bicycles? Motorcycles? Pedestrians? The horror!

Stephen Murphy commented on Founder of Galveston Boys' Club dies at 82

I was so fortunate to have grown up right across 16th Street from the first Galveston Boys' Club. Being the only child of a single parent, I was a latchkey kid, so I spent many memorable hours at the club after school. Coach Combs was a great, great man and I owe a lot to him for keeping m…

That's emblematic of an American warrior; one who thinks about his brothers rather than himself.