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Why is he getting more love than Evans? No one from Galveston County has ever been drafted higher than Evans. But because he isn't gay, he doesn't get the story-after-story coverage.

I think Sam just came out for the media exposure! Now everytime something happens to him it will "…

Everybody wanna be Rodney King and cash in millions.

Everybody wanna be Jim Adler and sue big.

Keep your money and be happy and get a job.

Backe's career started ending when he started to suck. The only thing he was known for was coming from the Whitecaps. if he were from …

How much of an increase are we talking about? The hours of operation equal about 1,508 hours per calendar year. The $50k divided evenly will be an increase of about $33 an hour.

But let's be modest here. Say only have the funds will go towards the help's pay. Are we going to see an i…

I am a real world person. Can I be on a board? How much do I have to donate?