I wrote both representatives yesterday to tell them not to get involved in this local "power grab". Let's all do this.

Well stated.

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Well said!!

Trinity Episcopal School is an educational and cultural treasure that deserves our support.

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The "use" of natural gas over other fossil fuels IS more clean and preferred by states and locals that care about the environment. What does that have to do with the safety of a LNG facility on Pelican Island? If you are trying to make a point, be more precise.

Great memories of Urs at The Yacht Club.

What a wonderful man!

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Holman is an honorable guy. I've loved knowing him.

Peter. I'm am so proud of you.

Barney, that is so cool. I too was a Yankees fan. When I was a kid (born in 1945) I used to know the starting lineup's batting average on a daily basis. Mantle was my hero. Fred Bradford