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It's "stained glass" and not "stain glass" as incorrectly written in the article.

Freakytiki commented on Quest for the best

That picture does not make me want to eat chili.

A net cost of $2.7M a year to have a trolley? Seriously?

Say what? The last thing I think about when hearing the fabulous "I Have a Dream" speech is an empanada, samosa or cherry pie.

"Globe trotting: Here’s another reason for islander’s to be proud." That should have read "islanders".

As for Ron Shelby's comments, the purchaser of the property took a risk in purchasing it, which was reflected it the price paid. There was no guarantee that the developer would ever be able to make anything out of its investment.

"Valero's Texas City refinery lost power to its refinery." This is like saying "TJ's house lost power to its house."

Freakytiki commented on Can recordings be made secretly?

The title of this article is dumb. Of course recordings can be made secretly. The question is whether a secret recording is legal.

Freakytiki commented on Mummers silenced?

For those who are not in the know, what is a "mummer"? The article does not tell us, and I'm not the biggest Mardi Gras guy.

Freakytiki commented on Election turnout increases

TJ, this was not a sentence: "So much so that the polling location didn’t close until 8 p.m."