Barb Falkenhagen

I think some fancy beach cruiser bikes would work just fine!!

I agree with all the comments, but I am dumb-founded by "18 entree choices"; give me a break! That is utterly ridiculous. Tax payers should be infuriated over all of this.

GWC, thank you so much for responding. Accuracy in opinions is important if you are going to publish.

Thanks again!

Alamo Draft House, or similar, cocktail and a movie!!!

Ditto these comments; sports bar and Indian food? I don't get it, but will surely try it!

Visited Riondo's. We hope they are experiencing some opening jitters. My Caesar salad was crisp and cold, but the dressing tasted like it was poured from a bottle and the croutons, my favorite part, were mushy and had no flavor. We ordered pizza and it was, hands down, the worst pizza I h…

So excited about the opening a new dining spot on Seawall. If Mr. Pettit is involved it will be a class-act; very talented man!

I completely agree. Many years ago, at a young age, a close family member made a similar error in judgement that resulted in a felony conviction. This individually has turned his life around. He has a family, a decent job and has been a contributor to society for many years. However, he s…

We are planning a visit this weekend!! So happy they moved to the West End!!

Think about this long and hard, please. Most of our tourist arrive in their own cars, would they really use the trolley vehicle for transportation; I have my doubts.